Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management as-a-Service from the cloud

Digital transformation brings great opportunities to your company, but at the same time increases the complexity and vulnerability of your IT landscape. As an IT security manager, you need an all-encompassing solution for vulnerability management and compliance.

Cloud Cape monitors all your IT assets centrally from the cloud. With our Vulnerability Management as-a-Service offering, we bring you onto the most advanced cloud platform for IT security and compliance and put together an “always-on” security program that suits your needs.

Your advantages

Proactive vulnerability management as an important component of your IT security

Perfect configuration

Our vulnerability scanning team configures and operates leading scanning tools according to your security needs

No training necessary

We carry out the scans for you periodically. Your team does not need any training and can focus on strategic matters


We take care of target group-specific reporting for you and create a remediation plan for your team that is organized according to priorities

PCI DSS Compliance

Our Managed Vulnerability Sanning Service fully complies with the requirements of PCI DSS

Lower fixed costs

You don't have to dedicate your own resources to vulnerability management or worry about hardware and software upgrades

Cloud competence

We provide you with transparency about your workloads in the cloud, across platforms from all major providers.

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Choose a package

Our Vulnerability Management as a Service is tailored to your requirements

per month / plus VAT

Our vulnerability scanning service from the cloud for medium-sized companies


from 1.850€
per month / plus VAT

Our vulnerability scanning service from the cloud for medium-sized companies


per month / plus VAT

Our vulnerability scanning service from the cloud for large companies


Get an insight

Request a sample report

Get sample copies of our scan reports directly to your email inbox now. This way you can get a good first impression of our Vulnerability Management as-a-Service offering. We create individual reports for our customers according to the target group and information needs. These include, among others, the following reports:


frequently asked Questions

Vulnerability Managemen FAQ

Do you have any questions about our Vulnerability Management as-a-Service offering?

In contrast to most conventional IT security solutions, our Vulnerability Management as-a-Service offering is proactive. The time window in which unfixed vulnerabilities are actually exploited gets smaller every year. We therefore recommend continuous vulnerability management as a valuable addition to your existing security program.

Vulnerability Management as-a-Service is suitable for security-conscious companies of various sizes and industries. While large corporations often have the technical and financial resources to operate professional vulnerability management in-house, our offer for small and medium-sized companies represents a much more sensible alternative. Thanks to the latest cloud technologies, we provide small and medium-sized companies with a level of security that is suitable for the company -level approaches.

We offer you short contract periods and our scanning service adapts flexibly to your needs. You can switch between our packages at any time and have a dedicated account manager. In addition to vulnerability management, you can choose from a variety of other services.

Penetration tests provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your IT security measures. However, this is always just a snapshot. Within a year, countless changes occur in your IT landscape. Both services in combination ensure that you are able to maintain a sufficiently high level of security over the long term.

Cloud Cape's IT security experts configure all vulnerability scans so that no disruptions are expected. Especially for first-time scans, we choose low-intensity scans, measure the effects and then increase the intensity if necessary.

No. You do not need to purchase any hardware or software. Physical scanners can even be dispensed with for scanning internal IP addresses. Instead, a virtual vulnerability scanner can be added to your network in no time.

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